Bringing Your Puppy Home

Bringing home a puppy can be a fun and rewarding time. Or, it can be quite a hard time. There are tricks in getting ready for your dog and in training him. By following the recommendation within this chapter, you may enjoy your Labradoodle countless have less stress on everyone.

So, now you have your Labradoodle, but what you should expect after you bring him home? How does one help your house safe and alluring for a Labradoodle? And how organization the transition period for your Labradoodle easier on both person and your puppy?


The very first thing you need to decide is where your Labradoodle will stay. In most every instance, your Labradoodle needs to be an indoor dog. Labradoodles are sociable dogs and were bred being family companions. They are not intended to be relegated for the backyard and occasionally enjoyed. If you’re looking for such a companion, the Labradoodle isn’t for you personally.

So, your Labradoodle must be an interior mostly dog, with occasional forays outside. But that outside should be safe, too. You can’t expect your Labradoodle to understand the boundaries of the yard. Nor could you expect a nearby dogs and kids to respect your yard either without having a fence. So, it’s wise to possess a fenced-in yard for your Labradoodle.