Dog Training – Biting and How You Can Stop It

Around the world each year you’ll find as many as 4 million people bitten by dogs. In most cases these bites may possibly be minor, however, they can also leave serious injuries, along with some instances, death. Furthermore, should you be the owner of a dog who bites, you will be held liable and find yourself in various legal suits. Because of these reasons, it’s extremely important that you train your pet correctly from an earlier age which means you don’t have to bother about any possible repercussions.

When you first of all get your dog and initiate petting it, it’s essential always let your dog sniff your hand before you start to pat it. By doing this, you’re letting your pet get at ease with you, as well as help deter your pet from nipping at you.

There may also be times when you should let your puppy be, to avoid biting. When your puppy is eating or sleeping it’s advisable to not disturb or startle them. If you do, there first reaction would be to snap or bite at you. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have others around so that your dog is familiar with meeting new people. By doing this, he/she will be more comfortable when getting a walk and being around other dogs and people.

It’s very crucial that you approach they with your puppy with a young age. As a puppy, dogs are quick to produce habits from the first things they learn. This can be a huge advantage for all of us if we make sure that we do things correctly.