How To Stop Puppy Chewing

To solve chewing problems is relatively simple. The following tips will enable you to eliminate inappropriate chewing.

Fix Puppy Chewing in 7 Steps

1. Manage the Environment
A puppy is only able to chew goods that he can be able to. Puppy proof your property by storing anything the fingertips that they could chew on. Use a bitter spray on things that cannot be moved.

2. Provide Him with Toys
Interactive toys, like Kong Toys, could keep his attention and still provide him with an appropriate item to chew on. (Try adding slices of cheese or peanut butter to really make it more pleasurable for him.)

3. Crate/Playpen
Use a crate or playpen if you can’t supervise a puppy. He can’t chew items the guy can’t get to (yes, it is a theme). Keep an eye on him when he’s out to make him earn entry to the house. Most disasters occur when an untrained puppy is left unattended.