How To Stop Puppy Chewing

4. Keep it Simple (Avoid Similar Items)
No socks, shoes, etc. as chew toys. Anything that is or that resembles belongings you don’t want him to chew mustn’t be used like a toy.

5. Reward the Right Behaviors
Reward him for chewing on appropriate items. Praise and attention reinforce the behavior, so that it is much more likely which he will do that in the foreseeable future.

6. Don’t Punish following your Fact
If you get home and discover which he chewed up something he shouldn’t have, retract a newspaper and thump yourself on your head. He is only able to chew items he has entry to. Did you give him free run of the house? Stop doing that.

7. Trade a Toy
If you catch him in the act, trade him an appropriate toy and after that praise him for chewing about it. Don’t spend your time scolding him; you’ll find limitless items he shouldn’t chew on – teach him how to proceed rather than constantly correcting him for guessing wrong.

Solving chewing problems is fairly easy. The most important thing would be to set him up to succeed. Control the planet, provide appropriate toys, and show him what he have to do.
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