How to Stop Your Dog From Digging

Does your back yard resemble someone’s been excavating with heavy equipment? Perhaps a region of your carpet has become torn to shreds. Maybe the kitchen linoleum is gouged up. Are you frustrated along with your dog’s digging?

You can teach your dog to prevent digging, but first you must understand WHY they’re digging. There are several reasons dogs dig. You must realize that this really is normal behavior for the dog.

Here are a few of the reason why your puppy digs: It’s natural for the dog to dig his very own bed. It’s a natural type of exercise, and fun! It’s natural for them to bury their food. Your dog is bored, and requirements something to do.

Now that we’ve identified the causes, we’ll review possible solutions. Keep your dog in a crate when he’s unsupervised. Make sure you give your pet a good amount of play time, for example fetch on and on for walks. Feed your pet inside.