How to Stop Your Dog From Eating Feces

I know, I am not alone using this type of problem.

Our elegant, refined, beautiful whippets often hide a dirty little secret.

Not only they are fantastic racing and companion dogs, they are able to even be probably the most passionate and persistent garbage hounds in the canine world.

Certainly, whippets are not the only dogs to have pleasure in eating feces and garbage but these are especially thinking about this activity and they may be often incorrigible of their terrible taste.

No matter how complete and balanced we try to generate our dogs’ diet, the amount we spend in the best rated pet food or even the time we purchase making home cooked food, still our whippets appear to get the fine give an impression of trash inebriating and irresistible.

A lot with the training with my new puppy was devoted to the command “leave it!” and we achieved almost profession perfection until she found a terribly tempting bit that sent months of coaching to waste.

When my pup is on leash she gets no choice but to become obedient, unfortunately off leash she knows very well I have not a way to enforce my command.

In my desperation I found an expedient solution.

The vast amounts of money spent during my kids’ toys provided the data that enabled me to use the potency of a water gun for whippet training.

I found my ideal water blaster, less than big (I don’t want to hurt or terrify my whippet) and not too small (I must be able to make use of it far away), I equipped it with a strap and that we embark for the walk with my charged weapon.

Keeping my pup on leash, as soon as she opened her mouth to nibble on an unmentionable something, I squirted her while using gun.

She was duly startled and I prefer to believe that she didn’t understand the location where the water was via.