My Dog Mounted Me – Is That Good Or Embarrassing?

There are many issues that dogs do that we won’t have the ability to understand. You may be trying to find a good reason that your pet mounted you. There certainly are a lot of men and women saying, “my dog mounted me”, and trying to understand why that is.

It has been said that if your dog is spayed or neutered, that she / he will not have any sexual feeling. It is normal for your pet dog to mount a human leg or another dog when that person not been spayed or neutered. However, additionally it is common for your pet dog to mount you when he or will not be spayed or neutered.

The facts are by investing in animals, be it a dog, a cat, or a lion, they’re going to always try and show their dominant sides. This is why frequently you will see female dogs mounting male dogs. This especially comes about when a mans dog is around the property with the female dog.