5 Basic Dog Commands for Any Dog Owner

Scientists around the globe are split in opinion when discussing exactly how many words an experienced dog can certainly understand. Though it occasionally entirely possible that your dog believes you’re encouraging him as he chews inside the furniture.

When it comes to training your dog that you follow certain phrases and commands, there numerous basic trends which can be universal in trade. Consider the first three words listed here are more established among English-understanding canines over the U.S.

1. “Sit”

This command will resemble watching your kids walk for the first time and may try taking some little coercion to achieve success. Plus, most pet parents don’t want to miss this command, as it can represent a coming of age and “Sit” is perhaps the hottest dog command there is, and a lot of dogs learn it early on.

2. “Stay”

Of course, sitting alone is seldom the end of the task. Next, they must stay (no following you around, even as you possess that delectable dog treat aloft) and prove their patience.