Teach Your Canine to Shake Hands

Wish to teach your puppy to shake hands? Thankfully, this trick is easy for pets to learn and will wow pals and family. There are 2 approaches you can utilize to train your canine buddy to shake.

Hold out your empty hand, palm up, at a height close to your canine’s knee level.
Wait. Your pet will most likely sniff your hand or lick it. Eventually, he will try other tactics, such as pawing at your hand.

The moment your pet dog lifts his paw, inform him “great pet!” (even if he hasn’t reached your hand) and reward him with a delicious treat.

Repeat this waiting video game up until your dog is raising his paw into your hand. Keep rewarding him and begin including a verbal hint. Say “shake” as you provide your hand, and soon your pet will be shaking paws with you.

Keep in mind, pet dogs don’t generalize well. Even if they know how to shake with their right paw does not mean they’ll understand how to shake with their left one. If you desire your canine companion to be able to shake with both paws, complete the actions in either of the methods above with each foot.

You can also use various commands, like “paw” and “shake,” to separate between your canine’s right and left foot.